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About Nature's Wonder Dispensary


Nature’s Wonder Inc. prides itself in procuring the highest quality medicine; in flower, concentrates and infused edibles. Additionally, we take all precautionary measures to remain in compliance with the AZ department of health services. Upon arrival we will request each patient’s Arizona ID and a valid medical marijuana card. Once verified, you will then work 1:1 with our staff to select the most appropriate product to suit your needs based on symptom(s) and needs.

Our Mission
At Nature’s Wonder Inc., our knowledgeable and compassionate team are dedicated to providing patients safe access to the highest quality lab tested medicinal marijuana. We are a not for profit organization, reinvesting our time and effort into the community and patients we serve. We are a patient centered organization, focusing on individual wellness and safe access for all qualified patients.

Our Medicine
At Nature’s Wonder, we ensure every strain is rigorously evaluated, through both microscopic inspection and liquid chromatography. All medication is 3rd party tested for its unique cannabinoid make up and tested for mold and pathogens to ensure each product is of the highest quality. This ensures safety and consistency for both raw medicine and edibles. Every product is tested for THC, THCA, CBD, CBN, and CBG. Our educated staff is knowledgeable in regards to each product(s) looks, tastes, smell, and effects; ensuring the best strain for a variety of medical conditions.

Our Team
We pride ourselves on great customer service by delivering insightful knowledge to our patients. It is all about the medicinal benefits of marijuana, cultivation strategies, infusions and even the most effective ways to medicate.

Each staff member is professional, experienced, and eager to assist our patients “you” in finding the most effective strain, concentrate and/or infused edible for your ailment. Whether you are suffering from severe pain, chronic pain or nausea resulting from chemo therapy; you can rest assured that our staff understands and will assist you in becoming comfortable.

Our Methodology
Nature’s Wonder Inc. is actively building our state of the art cultivation and infusion facility in AZ. Our strategy for producing the highest quality premium medicine possible is utilizing the cleanest plant based bio-available nutrients known, utilizing classic growing techniques and applying methodologies that work.

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