Nature’s Wonder Journey

July 27, 2016

Nature’s Wonder from the beginning.  We first came to Apache Junction, Arizona in 2013 in a very small location with limited space and parking.  If you have been with us since the beginning, you can absolutely agree with us when we say that we out grew our original foundation.  We started out in a tiny building of only 900 square feet and 3 parking spaces.  We were on a busy road giving us mass traffic chaos. In Apache Junction at the time there were a limited number of MMJ cardholders estimating around 400 individuals.  Nature’s Wonder has always and will value each and everyone of our patients since day one when we only had a start of a mere 46 patients a month to now serving a much respected 1668 valued patients.  We would not have been able to be successful without our loyal patients who we love visiting with and being a part of their life journeys.

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