Patient Rewards Program

We reward patients with ONE POINT for EVERY DOLLAR that is spent here at Nature’s Wonder. With every purchase your receipt will detail your latest point balance which can be redeemed for FREE medicine. Points are redeamable 24 hours after purchase:
1750 points = Baked Bros. 300mg Products
1575 points = Timeless Cartridge 500mg
1500 points = FREE 1/8th (Premium)
1400 points = CW Everyday Tincture 200mg
1325 points = HYH Society Cartridge 500mg
1155 points  = GH Pain Relief Ointment
700 points = HYH Society Shatter/Crumble .5g
560 points = Sublime 100mg Caramel
525 points = FREE Gram (Premium)
455 points = Tru Infusion CBD Gummies 50mg
350 points = FREE PreRoll/Brownie


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