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July 27, 2016


Thank you to all our patients who donate their money and time to help us make a huge water donation possible to the Genesis Project.  We were able to donate 26,880 bottles of water this summer.  We delivered 14 pallets of water with 3 Uhaul trips.  Nature’s Wonder Dispensary, Community and Customers strive to help Apache Junction local non profit organizations by donating time, service, money, and love to our community in need.  Throughout the year, there are several organizations that we join together in time of need.  Our most recent tribute was The Genesis Project which is a coalition of churches in the Apache Junction area banded together for the common purpose of aiding the less fortunate.

The Genesis Project is a faith-based 501c3 organization seeking to feed the hungry and the homeless by facilitating hot meals, showers, clothing, and medical services.

The Genesis Project is always looking for volunteers to help out or donated items of need so don’t hesitate to reach out and bless the community with love and support!

Meals are available Monday – Friday 12PM -2PM @ 564 N Idaho Rd Suite 5 Apache Junction, AZ 85120

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